Introducing VNET Fiber. Gigabit Fiber to the Home.


Want to bring VNET Fiber to your neighborhood?

Velocity Network is in the process of collecting survey responses to determine the first neighborhoods where we are going to deploy fiber to the home.

If you are interested in being part of Pennsylvania’s first gigabit community and want to be contacted when more information becomes available, please complete the short survey below.

Collected responses will be used to help our team develop the packages and services best suited to meet the needs of those interested in signing up for service when it becomes available.

Fiber to the Home Survey

By filling out the survey, you’ll be helping VNET to best plan, design, and build out the fiber infrastructure and bundled services. In addition, by letting us know where you are located in Erie County, you’ll be helping to get your neighborhood noticed as one of our first areas of deployment. So ask your neighbors to take part in the survey as well so that we can deliver VNET Fiber to your home!

Take the Survey.