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Effective immediately, our 150 Mbps internet package is now 300 Mbps. That's 300 Mbps upload AND 300 Mbps download. This is not a promotion, it's our new normal. Dollars to donuts you'll not find a better deal. Oh, and our internet contains zero calories. Sweet.

The Features of VNET Fiber


Gone are the days of buffering video services, slow app updates, and interrupted service during file uploads. This is the Internet built for the entire household. Stream movies, backup all of your photos, and play online games – simultaneously and without having to wait. That’s the freedom you get with internet service from VNET Fiber.

HD Television

Television in crystal clear HD. VNET Fiber gives you all of the quality and channels the other guys offer but with local support and the latest technologies. Need more reason to switch your TV service? No added fees for your first HD Receiver and we offer whole home DVR at an affordable price.

Phone Service

Dependable home phone service without the ridiculous charges of traditional land lines. Unlimited Calling (The United States and Canada) and all of the features you need – Voicemail, Caller-ID, Call-Waiting – included without additional charges. Save money and simplify your life – It’s a win / win.

The VNET Fiber Advantage

VNET Fiber is the region’s only network built not just for all of today’s internet hungry devices and services, but for those in the future. We’re re-writing the rules of what you can do with the internet. Play, work and connect like never before.

  • Experience access to cloud services as they were meant to be

  • Browse without limits

  • Experience HD streaming video

  • Gamers and streamers will love the benefits

More than just the best product, we’re also local.

We understand that no matter how good a product is, it’s only as good as the support behind it. As a customer of VNET Fiber, you can be sure that the person you’re talking to, no matter if it’s a technical issue, a billing question, or a subscription adjustment, the person on the other end of the phone is right here in Erie County.

If you have a question or issue with your service, we have a plethora of support options for your convenience. Call (814) 636-1500, email us, or open a service ticket. For all other inquiries, feel free to contact us via emailFacebook Messenger, Twitter or find answers to frequently asked questions right here.

How we bring VNET Fiber to your neighborhood

Building a fiber optic internet network is a time-consuming process. We’ve been hard at work since 2008 laying the foundation that delivers Gigabit speeds to hundreds of businesses across the region. Now it’s time to bring it home. Check out the 5 steps to bring VNET Fiber to your home.

Where can we go next?

We evaluate the lay of the land – roads, underground utility paths, and even permitting capabilities, to develop a plan to bring VNET Fiber to townships and municipalities where the demand for more bandwidth is highest. A lot of times our business customers can help bring fiber to areas where the distance might have been cost prohibitive in rural areas.

Good design takes time.

Since fiber is a utility, our implementation has to play nice with existing utilities such as those on utility poles as well as underground such as gas, water and electric, in order to get it to you. With over 400 miles of VNET Fiber already designed and constructed in Erie County, we’ve gotten pretty good at it!

Sign up and spread the word!

Once we finish the design of the network, we announce the neighborhood to the public and start the signup process. Our website will show what percentage of the neighborhood needs to signup in order for us to move to the next step: Construction. Don’t worry about missing out. We’ll be going door to door letting everyone know that VNET Fiber is available. We will even provide you with handouts, a letter, and yard signs for anyone who wants to be a VNET Champion! (Let us know if you’re interested via our contact form and we’ll notify you when we are ready to kick off the program.)

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

It’s off to work we go. From high up the utility poles to drilling underground to keep things looking neat, getting fiber in your neighborhood is a big team effort. We use directional drills and other low impact means to run miles of fiber to minimize lawn damage and utility interruptions. We are there for the install and we’re there at the end to make sure things look like we were never there.

We bring good things to light

Once the fiber has been run to the home, a technician will install the equipment in the house and you can start enjoying fiber optic services like you’ve never seen!

Ready to get started?

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