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Gigabit Fiber Internet, TV and Voice Service is Here.

How we bring VNET Fiber to your neighborhood

Building a fiber optic internet network is a time-consuming process. We’ve been hard at work since 2008 laying the foundation that delivers Gigabit speeds to hundreds of businesses across the region. Now it’s time to bring it home. Check out the 5 steps to bring VNET Fiber to your home.

Where can we go next?

We evaluate the lay of the land – roads, underground utility paths, and even permitting capabilities, to develop a plan to bring VNET Fiber to townships and municipalities where the demand for more bandwidth is highest. A lot of times our business customers can help bring fiber to areas where the distance might have been cost prohibitive in rural areas.

Good design takes time.

Since fiber is a utility, our implementation has to play nice with existing utilities such as those on utility poles as well as underground such as gas, water and electric, in order to get it to you. With over 400 miles of VNET Fiber already designed and constructed in Erie County, we’ve gotten pretty good at it!

Sign up and spread the word!

Once we finish the design of the network, we announce the neighborhood to the public and start the signup process. Our website will show what percentage of the neighborhood needs to signup in order for us to move to the next step: Construction. Don’t worry about missing out. We’ll be going door to door letting everyone know that VNET Fiber is available. We will even provide you with handouts, a letter, and yard signs for anyone who wants to be a VNET Champion! (Let us know if you’re interested via our contact form and we’ll notify you when we are ready to kick off the program.)

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

It’s off to work we go. From high up the utility poles to drilling underground to keep things looking neat, getting fiber in your neighborhood is a big team effort. We use directional drills and other low impact means to run miles of fiber to minimize lawn damage and utility interruptions. We are there for the install and we’re there at the end to make sure things look like we were never there.

We bring good things to light

Once the fiber has been run to the home, a technician will install the equipment in the house and you can start enjoying fiber optic services like you’ve never seen!

The Features of VNET Fiber


Gone are the days of buffering video services, slow app updates, and interrupted service during file uploads. This is the Internet built for the entire household. Stream movies, backup all of your photos, and play online games – simultaneously and without having to wait. That’s the freedom you get with internet service from VNET Fiber.

HD Television

Television in crystal clear HD. VNET Fiber gives you all of the quality and channels the other guys offer but with local support and the latest technologies. Need more reason to switch your TV service? No added fees for your first HD Receiver and we offer whole home DVR at an affordable price.

Phone Service

Dependable home phone service without the ridiculous charges of traditional land lines. Unlimited Calling (The United States and Canada) and all of the features you need – Voicemail, Caller-ID, Call-Waiting – included without additional charges. Save money and simplify your life – It’s a win / win.


Ridiculously Fast Internet

Spend more time living and less time waiting. Share memories with friends and family via the latest apps. Watch streaming videos with no buffering. Connect all of your wireless devices without limits. Forget bandwidth limitations and enjoy what technology can do for you. With VNET Fiber, the possibilities are endless.

1 Gbps


1000 Mbps Download
1000 Mbps Upload
Package Includes:
Dual Band Wireless for all of your devices.
Network Firewall to protect your devices.
500 Mbps


500 Mbps Download
500 Mbps Upload
Package Includes:
Dual Band Wireless for all of your devices.
Network Firewall to protect your devices.
150 Mbps


150 Mbps Download
150 Mbps Upload
Package Includes:
Dual Band Wireless for all of your devices.
Network Firewall to protect you devices.

But did you know?

The average broadband package today from other providers is approximately a 60 Megabits per second (Mbps) download speed with a paltry 5Mbps upload. And did you know that those services don’t truly allow you to upload at the same time you might be downloading? VNET Fiber offers no less than 30 times the upload speed and you can do that while downloading at up to a theoretical 1,024 Mbps! That’s the freedom you get with VNET Fiber.


HD Television

There’s a better choice for High Definition Television, and it’s delivered over a shiny Fiber Optic Network to your home. It’s 100 Percent Local and 100 Percent HD. It’s glorious. (Requires any of the VNET Fiber Internet packages.)

… all your favorite channels and more!

Expanded +


Locals + Over 100 HD Channels
+1 HDTV Receiver


Locals + Over 70 HD Channels
+1 HDTV Receiver


Local HD
+1 HDTV Receiver

Premium Entertainment & Sports Pricing



Fox College Sports Atlantic, Central, Pacific, NFL RedZone, Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel


HBO, HBO 2, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, HBO Zone


Showtime, Showtime 2, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Next East, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Women


Cinemax, ActionMAX, Five Star Max, More Max, Outer Max, Thriller Max


Starz, Starz 2, Starz! Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz in Black, Starz Kids & Family


Encore, Encore Action, Encore Black, Encore Classic, Encore Suspense

HDTV = Life-like image quality

Experience TV as it was meant to be seen – in full High Definition Video without limitations. Watch all of the channels you love at the highest picture quality available.

There is no fee for the first television set-top box. $5/mo. for each additional box. If you opt for Whole Home DVR, you still receive the free set-top box for use on another TV.

The “Always Whole Home DVR Advantage”

While other TV Providers offer DVR, only VNET Fiber has the “Always Whole Home Advantage.” For ONE, low monthly fee (see table below), any of the TV’s in your home can access all of our fantastic DVR features.

What is Cloud DVR?

With Cloud DVR you don’t have to worry about your set-top box failing and losing all of your recordings. Your shows are stored in our data center so you can be sure your favorite shows and movies are waiting for you when you feel like watching them. That’s the power of VNET’s Cloud DVR.

Concurrent Recordings Recording Storage Monthly Cost
VNET Fiber Cloud DVR  6 Channels ~150 hrs $10/mo.
 8 Channels ~300 hrs $20/mo.

Stream some of your favorite channels and programming to your tablet, smartphones, laptop and other devices from anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: inside your house, at the office, hotel, airport, vacation home and, well, everywhere.

Locals, News, Shopping & More

Public Access HD PBS Create
CW+ (WSEE) PBS World
ION Television FOX (WFXP)
MeTV Network Home Shopping Network
NBC (WICU) Jewelry Television
ABC (WJET) Quality Value Convenience Network
CBS (WSEE) Weather Channel

Includes Basic

A&E Network Stingray Broadway
AMC Stingray Chamber Music
Animal Planet Stingray Classic Masters
BBC America Stingray Classic RnB & Soul
BBC World News Stingray Classic Rock
Big Ten Network Stingray Country Classics
Black Entertainment Television Stingray Dance Clubbin’
Bravo Stingray Easy Listening
Cartoon Network Stingray Eclectic Electronic
CMT Stingray Everything 80’s
CNBC Stingray Flashback 70’s
CNN Stingray Folk Roots
Comedy Central Stingray Gospel
Crime and Investigation Network Stingray Groove Disco & Funk
CSPAN Stingray Heavy Metal
CSPAN2 Stingray Hip Hop
CSPAN3 Stingray Hit List
Destination America Stingray Holiday Hits
Discovery Channel Stingray Hot Country
Discovery Family Channel Stingray Jammin’
Discovery Life Channel Stingray Jazz Masters
Disney Channel Stingray Jazz Now
Disney XD Stingray Jukebox Oldies
Disney Junior Stingray Kids’ Stuff
E! Entertainment Television Stingray Latino Tropical
ESPN Stingray Latino Urbana
ESPN2 Stingray Maximum Party
EWTN/TBN Stingray No Fences
Food Network Stingray Nothin’ But 90’s
Fox Business Network Stingray Pop Adult
Fox News Channel Stingray Pop Classics
Fox Sports 1 Stingray Retro Latino
Freeform Stingray Rock
FX Stingray Rock Alternative
FXX Stingray Rock en Español
Hallmark Channel Stingray Romance Latino
Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Stingray Smooth Jazz
History Stingray Soul Storm
HLN Stingray Swinging Standards
Home & Garden Television Stingray The Blues
IFC Stingray The Chill Lounge
Investigation Discovery Stingray The Light
Learning Channel Stingray The Spa
Lifetime Television Stingray Today’s Latin Pop
MSNBC Stingray Urban Beats
MTV Stingray Y2K
National Geographic Channel SundanceTV
Newsmax Syfy
Nickelodeon TBS Superstation
Olympic Channel Travel Channel
Oprah Winfrey Network Trinity Broadcasting Network
Oxygen truTV
RFD TV Turner Network Television
AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh TV Land
Science Uplifting Entertainment
SEC Network USA Network
Paramount Network Velocity
Stingray Adult Alternative VH1
Stingray Alt Rock Classics We TV HD
Stingray Alt-Country Americana YouToo America
Stingray Bluegrass

Includes Basic & Expanded

American Heroes Channel  LOGO
Boomerang Military History Channel
Chiller MTV Classic
Do It Yourself Network MTV2
ESPN Classic NBC Sports Network
ESPN News Nick Jr.
Fox Sports 2 Nicktoons Network
Fusion TeenNick
FX Movie Channel The Cooking Channel
FYI The NFL Network
Golf Channel Turner Classic Movies
Great American Country BET Soul
Lifetime Real Women


ActionMAX HBO Zone
Cinemax Showtime
Five Star Max Showtime 2
More Max Showtime Beyond
Outer Max Showtime Extreme
Thriller Max Showtime Next East
Encore Showtime Showcase
Encore Action Showtime Women
Encore Black Starz
Encore Classic Starz 2
Encore Suspense Starz! Cinema
HBO Starz Comedy
HBO 2 Starz In Black
HBO Comedy Starz Kids & Family
HBO Family The Movie Channel
HBO Latino The Movie Channel Xtra
HBO Signature


Fox College Sports Atlantic
Fox College Sports Central
Fox College Sports Pacific
NFL RedZone
Outdoor Channel
The Sportsman Channel

Home Phone

Finally, an affordable home phone service that includes all of the features you need – and more. Bundle home phone with Internet (HDTV not required.)




Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Unlimited Nationwide Calling (United States and Canada)
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling (United States and Canada)
  • Keep your existing phone number or pick a new one
  • Voicemail
  • Caller-ID / Call Waiting
  • Call Forward to Mobile Phone

Ready to get started?  Check your address for eligibility!