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    Dear resident,

    Over the last twenty-four months, you and thousands of other area residents have completed our fiber-to-the-home survey. With this data, we were able to determine three critical things: First, it gave us affirmation that our region is hungry for a next generation alternative to Cable and ADSL. Second, the feedback served as a template for designing services and pricing that fit our market. And last but not least, it gave us a regional map where we could pinpoint the greatest demand. For your participation in that process, we sincerely thank you!

    We are pleased to announce that we have thirteen Service Areas that are ready for address registration and twelve Service Zones where residents can signup or register for service today.

    Service Zones where you can order service now are:

    • West 32nd Street from Auburn Street in the City of Erie to Pittsburgh Avenue
    • West 32nd  Street from Pittsburgh Avenue to Sterretania Road in Millcreek
    • White Pine Subdivision at the Corner of West 38th Street and Asbury Road on Buckthorn Drive and Basswood Drive

    Also, nine VNET Fiber Service Zones have been activated. For these Service Zones, a target number of registered addresses is displayed on our website. Once we reach the target number for the Service Zone – construction to the neighborhood will be scheduled.

    Service Zones that need to meet a registration goal are: 

    • Elmer Road  Shultz Road Subdivision in Harborcreek Township
    • Saltsman Road from Buffalo Road to Ridge Parkway in Harborcreek Township
    • Frontier Neighborhood Zones (3) from Kahkwa Blvd to Monoca Drive in the City of Erie
    • Sterling Ridge Subdivision and Lake Pleasant Road in Millcreek Township
    • Timber Creek Subdivision in Millcreek Township
    • Evergreen Farms Subdivision in Fairview Township
    • Fairlane Road and Lakewood Road in Fairview Township

    So you might be asking, “what if I live somewhere outside of these initial service zones?” That is a great question!

    Visit our new website at and register your address. By doing so, we capture what areas of the region have the highest level of interest in our services. Once we have received enough responses in an area, we will activate a Service Zone and set a goal that must be reached to move the Zone to the Construction phase.

    Stay tuned to our Social Media feeds and our website for updates. In the coming weeks and months, we will be activating new Service Zones throughout the region.

    Educate yourself and your neighbors about VNET Fiber and the transformational services we are providing. Building out the network is a true grassroots effort and we need your help to learn where we should build next.

    We realize that this launch is only the beginning of an even longer journey of reaching every neighborhood and home. At Velocity Network, our goal has always been to improve the lives of people through technology. Undoubtedly, the launch of VNET Fiber will help us to fulfill that mission and generate new opportunities for the entire region.

    Thank you so much for your interest in VNET Fiber; please stay tuned to our website and social media for additional updates!

    – VNET Fiber #BuiltforErie

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